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BLOG: I’m British so I have to love David Attenborough… it’s the law.
(or “Why BBC Africa exceeded my wildebeest expectations”)

In all honesty, when I heard of BBC Africa as the latest spectacular offering of the BBC NHU my first thoughts were “Africa? Again?! Really?”

Rarely do I feel spurred to write something like this. I’m certainly no media critic; many others will do a far better job than I. But there were one or two – or nine – things that really captured my imagination and interest, so I am going to write about them. 




Bear-Human Conflict Management Study:

As part of my M.Sc. program I am currently working on a project to look at the management of bear-human conflict in Metro-Vancouver. I'd LOVE to hear your opinions and experiences relating to bears whether in Vancouver or Elsewhere... check out www.bearsinthehood.webs.com 


Declining Shark Populations In Hawaii:

A recent study of shark populations in Hawaii by NOAA  (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) found declines of up to 97% in some shark species. 


Holy Haleakala!

On our recent trip to Hawaii we embarked on a long, gruelling but simply breath-taking hike across the 'crater' (it's technically not a crater but it looks a lot like one and it's on top of a volcano). Check out the photos...


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